How to Choose Grapeseed Oil

Scientific studies have proven that grapeseed oil contains vitamins and anti-oxidant properties for human health and beauty. As the concern for natural lifestyle is becoming very high, the market is now flooded with many products containing this oil. Choosing good quality grapeseed oil can be tricky, so you should consider some important things listed below.

1. Organic Grapeseed Oil

To be considered organic, grapeseed oil should be produced without using any chemical substance. It is not only about the extraction process, but the entire plantation and manufacturing procedures should be free from any chemicals. This type of grapeseed oil is the one that delivers the most beneficial effects for health and beauty.

The labels attached to certain products are possibly misleading. In United States, organic certification is performed by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). Please make sure that you can see the certification brochure or information before you make any purchase. You will not want to spend money on artificial product.

2. Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil

Heat is applied during the extraction process of grapeseed oil. The main purpose is to force more amount of the oil to come out of the seed. High temperatures produce more oil, but the chemical structures may change due to the heat. Any change will also alter the substances contained in the oil thus it can reduce the benefits.

Most traditional or conventional extraction procedures apply very high temperature up to 450 degree Fahrenheit. Advanced manufacturing process can use lower temperature, but heat is still required for any extraction. The maximum level of heat allowed for cold-pressed products is not regulated in United States, so there will be no cold-pressed certification.

If you buy any cold-pressed grapeseed oil in US, you may need to contact the manufacturer for more details about the extraction procedure. In European Union, however, there are rules for this matter. The maximum heat allowed for any cold pressed oil in EU is generally around 80 to 120 degree Fahrenheit.

3. Pure Grapeseed Oil

Pure or 100% grapeseed oil is widely available in the market. It means that the container is only filled with the oil without any additional substance. A manufacturer may add other substances to accommodate bad smell or flavor of the oil. When you buy a pure grapeseed oil product, you should get the entire natural benefits it offers. In some cases, pure refers to unrefined.

4. Read Customer Reviews

Grapeseed oil products are available in online market. If you intend to purchase such products via Internet, you should read reviews, testimonies, and product-related issues provided by previous buyers.

Many websites give room for consumers to write their experiences with any given product including praises and complaints. The reviews commonly deliver a good deal of information about the advantages and downsides of the product.


Grapeseed oil promises a wide range of advantages for health and beauty care. Numerous cosmetic products use this vegetable oil as the main ingredient, but the oil may differ in quality. Most products are not perfect, so you should look for the mentioned things in order to get the best possible grapeseed oil benefits.